What we do

DATE What We Do
2011. 3. 4 ISAAA and The National Center for GM Crops (NCGC) signed LOA - ISAAA and The National Center for GM Crops (NCGC) signed LOA for Korean biotechnology information center
2011. 7. 7~ 8 2011 Korean Society of Breeding Science - motivated research activities through mutual information sharing and idea exchange
2011. 8. 9 ~10 Workshop for the development plan for Korean Agricultural Biotechnology Information Center - A debate session for active sharing of agricultural biotechnology information
2011. 9. 28~30 2011 BIO KOREA conference - introduced the current status of the development and the prospect of GM crops
2012. 2. 13 Global Status of commercialized Biotech/GM crops seminar: 2011 - Visited The National Center for GM Crops (NCGC), introduced ISAAA and conducted a seminar for the current status of biotech crops
2012. 3. 11~15 ISAAA Biotech information network meeting - established an active knowledge network among member countries by sharing information, experience, and state-of-the-art knowledge of experts using international network of biotechnology information center (BIC)
2012. 4. 25 An expert workshop for constructing criteria for GM rice safety assessment - discussed and defined investigation items and methods for GM rice safety evaluation
2012. 5. 23~24 A mini symposium for abiotic stress and plant biotechnology - investigated the latest research efforts and exchanged knowledge related to the abiotic stress tolerant GM crops and crop biotechnology both at home and abroad.
2012. 7. 5 2012 Korean Society of Breeding Science - held an international symposium in accordance with Korean Society of Breeding Science for collecting information and exchange about the domestic development and commercialization of GM crops.
2012. 8. 10 A research council for current status of GM crops in China - investigating & collecting data for research efforts for GM crops in China through an expert conference and a presentation session for the development of GM crops in China.
2012. 8. 14 A debate session for enhancing commercialization of GM crops - held a debate session to realize difficulties and improvements in the safety assessment system and to verify the event development strategy for the development of GM crops.
2012. 9. 12~14 2012 BIO KOREA - introduced the prospect and development strategy for GM crop and its safety assessment criteria for commercialization
2013. 3. 4 ISAAA media conference - a presentation for the current status of Biotech crops in 2012 by Clive James, the founder and chair of ISAAA and a session for specialized journalists
2013. 3. 26 An expert discussion session for patent strategy experts for enhancing commercialization of GM crops - an expert conference for analyzing genes, GM crops patents, and patent strategies to prepare commercialization of resveratrol GM rice.
2013. 4. 12 A strategy meeting for improving public interest of GM crops - discussed ways for improving the public distrust due to lack of information on GM crops
2013. 4. 16~19 The 3rd International symposium on Genomics of plant Genetic Resources (GPGR3) - participated in the 3rd International symposium on GPGR to collect information about the latest GM crops development strategies and research efforts from domestic & international GM crops development experts
2013. 4. 30 An outcome presentation meeting of the Next generation Bio-Green21 program - participated in the outcome presentation meeting of the Next generation Bio-Green21 program and collected GM crops data
2013. 7. 4~5 2012 Korean Society of Breeding Science - collected information about the current status of domestic & international plant genome development as well as subsequent GM crop development strategies by participating in the next generation Bio-Green 21 program symposium and NCGC workshop
2013. 9. 1~25 The 1st national high school student plant biotechnology essay competition - provided an opportunity to derive and improve interest for GM crops from youth
2013. 9. 13 2013 BIO KOREA Conference - held a presentation session based on the topic of ��Biotech crops; Key solutions for climate change and sustainable agriculture��
2013. 9. 23~24 A meeting with international plant biotechnology experts - held a discussion session to share information and present the latest research efforts regarding transgenic technology with international experts in transgenic plant
2014. 2. 17 2014 ISAAA media conference - held a seminar to introduce ISAAA and to report the current status of biotech crop in 2013
2014. 4. 30 An inaugural meeting for Future Food Resources Forum (FFRF) - discussed future developments and announced the vision of the Future Food Resources Forum that is organized to form public recognition with regard to use and utilization of the state-of-the-art technology to secure future food resources
2014. 5. 15~16 The Korean Society for Plant Biotechnology spring conference and general meeting - held a workshop for information exchange and research presentations for GM crop development to bolster domestic GM crop development and commercialization
2014. 5. 28 A workshop for activating strategies of SNS and homepage - held a workshop for activating strategies of SNS and homepage to improve public interest and recognition of GM crops
2014. 7. 2~4 A joint symposium by Korean Society of Breeding Science in 2014 - presented the latest GM crop development trends and held a meeting for research cooperation for new technologies by utilizing domestic and international biotechnology
2014. 9. 29~10.3 The 7th meeting of the conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety - held a meeting of member countries in Pyeongchang to investigate progress of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety that handles genetically modified organisms and to discuss further steps
2015. 1. 30 Global Status of commercialized Biotech/GM crops seminar: 2015 - ISAAA released a report ��Global Status of commercialized Biotech/GM crops: 2014�� at the ISAAA annual conference in Korea
2015. 2. 4 Korean Agriculture innovation forum - held an open forum with experts in agriculture to form an agreement toward development necessity of advanced technology for agricultural innovation
2015. 6. 18 RNAi Product Safety assessment workshop - Introduction of RNAi technical mechanisms and RNAi Products, and constructing criteria for safety assessment by sharing evaluation experiences of RNAi Products in other nations
2015. 6. 18~19 The Korean society for plant biotechnology 2015 - discussed ways to vitalize plant bio-industry and strengthen cooperation for plant biotechnology among Korea, China and Japan
2015. 6. 26 Risk assessment workshop for experts - held a workshop to strengthen practical ability for preparing risk assessment materials and planning methods
2015. 7. 1~3 The Korean Society of Breeding Science - held a symposium entitled "Fusion Technologies in Plant Breeding and Globalization of Seed Industry"
2015. 8. 10~12 Education for understanding of agricultural biotechnology - conducted training educational program about agricultural biotechnology for high school students, middle and high school teachers to let them understand the needs of biotechnology crop development and the importance of the seed industry
2015. 8. 17~19 2015 The Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry - A symposium entitled "Back to the basics from genome to metabolome" for sharing information and strengthening research cooperation among GM crop development experts